Leonard Schmick

Leonard has been involved in missions support since 1980. He and his wife, Teresa, have gone on dozens of mission trips to see what missionaries do in the country that they are serving in. They have been to Russia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, China and many states in the US along the way. Leonard has served on the board of Couriers for Christ, a mission to former USSR, that started out smuggling Bibles into the country and is now sending dozens of container loads to the countries he’s visited. He has served on his church board for many years and advised several missionaries that needed assistance. Leonard and Theresa own many businesses and have built over 150 homes, developed land for homes and he also likes to do mechanical work, like engine rebuilding and auto repair. He has been a general contractor for the past 20 years and uses that  license for both home and commercial construction. This gives Leonard some experience that he can share with missionaries when needed. The Lord has enabled with his wife to work with many great men and women of God and he hopes to be able to be of help to Godfrey and Carolyn and the Serve Ghana team.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Leonard will be serving on the Serve Ghana Board of Advisors, here in the US. He, along with the other members, will serve as accountability partners, communication liaisons, intercessors, and advisors in his or her area of expertise concerning ministry, business, and a variety of life experiences.

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